Monday, September 8, 2008

~ Nicola & Nicolie ~ Part Deux ~ "The Nics" ~ New Years Eve Extravaganza Clip ~

Summer greetings to all!

Please enjoy a fabulous clip caught on BlueRay High Def film forever by Phill Sheffield of Sheffield Multimedia!

He is simply a genius!

This small clip is fierce and fabulous of the New Years Eve wedding extravaganza we were all blessed to be a part of. I wish everyone could have been in the actual space itself ~ just to feel the amazing energy our entire dream team of professional vendors created; and for all the effort of physical and spiritual self every vendor team member gave to these clients, 'The Nics'. I even recall Phill and Matt Brys of Extreme Productions, LLC, coming up to me on the dance floor about fifteen minutes before all 333+ guests arrived ~ telling me to absorb as much of the environment that we created on this day, and to absorb as much as I possibly could and fast, for still film and moving film will never capture the essence of that room! So absorb now! Absorb!

However, now relaxed and watching this on my flat screen in my blackened office, it is still amazing to watch and it takes me back so quickly to all the energy, love, positive spirit our entire dream team put into this wedding event. For me, it personally takes your breath away. Perhaps in part, it's because that I know their entire love story and the journey together to create this one moment in time for them. I just know that I love this clip and it is simply a treasure to be treasured! I know, I know, I am a complete romantic ~ but that's what makes me love my job and my industry ~ I live my passion!

I don't know about anyone else on my team, but I'm taking the entire month of December off this year! Just say no! ;) Well unless I hear one hellavu love story that I cannot pass on ~ and yes ~ we are being interviewed this week to pull together an event for New Years Eve for 2008!

Event notation: Phill did incorporate into the beginning of this clip; the multiple words that were used throughout the design of the ceiling; table names and the pillars to create a 'ribbon of words' that the viewer of this clip follows in the introduction that leads to The Nics "Infinity + 1" image that was used a to instill/communicate their commitment together forever.

Genius Phill! Simply genius.

Enjoy everyone the genius, the fun, the enormity of our project, the over the top custom lighting design from Extreme Productions, the art, the fabulous details and most of all, the love! All our love and our clients!

Warmest wishes and bonjour!