Friday, September 18, 2009

Fabulous Forties Revamped

A dash of the classic forties; a nod to old Hollywood; black & white vintage flair and a whole lot of gastronomical delights paired with vintage wines from around the globe (we delivered forty cases of the chosen bubbly & vino yesterday) will be the showcase for this weekend’s wedding at The Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento. This will be our eighth time on their property ~ with two more to go. Each event has been significantly unique to our clients.

Michal's and Chris' black tie event will be updated with clean lines and classic beauty coming from simple callas (straight in from Holland ~ thank you Shelley of Floral Artistry) all in white showcased in warm amber candlelight and up-lighting. They happen to both be bright architects with a passion for building a better community for us all. Michal hails from Cal-Poly and Chris from the mighty Cal-Berkley. Go Bears! Each of their tables will be named after famous architects and Michal selected a china reminiscent of the Empire State Building in New York. It's all coming together!

We all had a ball recreating some of my favorite images for the bygone era of the glamorous days of vintage Hollywood. All of these images above will be highlighted throughout their two-hour cocktail event paired with magnificent wines to each of their carefully selected hors d'oeuvres. Chef Tuohy and Chef MJ are outdoing themselves for tomorrow's Epicurean feast of delights! Chef MJ shared with me yesterday that we have a small staff of chefs working on our wedding from CAI ~ New York! We will definately have them sign one of the Imperial bottles of Iron Horse engraved with our clients new Mr. & Mrs. title! ;)

I want to thank the fabulous Harmony Lines of The Citizen Hotel; my beautification team, make-up by Leilani and hairstyling by Gabby, (; Sacramento Theatre Company for our props; Amanda my magnificent assistant for putting in a long day with me, along with four of our other very fab brides that had their beautification consultations done all on this day, and Thais Sheidman, the Brazilian love train, of Love at First Click Photo ( for capturing our four-hour long engagement session in and around the brat pack hotel.


Warmest wishes and CHEERS!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Reveal ~ Lawyers in Love

PRICELESS! The look on my bride's face is indeed priceless!!!

Enjoy their fab & fun faces at the reaction of seeing ALL their work and endless decisions that made their dream wedding evening come to life at the ever grand and stylish Citizen Hotel!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beauty Blog-2-Blog

Lauren ~ My Lovely June 27th Bride in
Monique Lhuillier
All hair and make-up for herself; two moms; grandmothers; one auntie and 9 bridesmaids ~ their look by our very own beauty artists!
It was a 105 degrees and everyone stayed looking fresh & fabulous the entire day long.
Wow! What fun and a true blessing to learn of our tfep&d team being mentioned on their blog today!
Leilani, Renee & Gabby ~ otherwise known as 'My Bride's Beautification & Education Team' ~ have been taking care of my brides for years. Hence, the reason all our brides look stunning throughout the pages of our website and grace our blog often.
Each bride/client that meets the beautification team for their initial consultation is beyond thrilled and excited with their final bridal look. They have made our brides look sweet and softly romantic, all the way to hollywood glamour gorgeous. They are it people! They even had to come fix other companies make-up prior to weddings ~ having to call them in for an emergency prior to the ceremony starting.
Please feel free to contact Leilani directly at 530.301-7088 to make your appointment today.
Warmest wishes and bonjour!

All images captured by Cindi Kinney & Lorenzo Bartone ~ Cinzo Celebration Photography

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Melissa & Thomas ~ True Companions

Melissa & Thomas'
Engagement Session

We are excited and enthused about their upcoming wedding event this weekend! It has been a complete pleasure to assist them on their personal road to happiness to become
Mr. & Mrs. CEO.
(wink, wink Thomas!)

They have had many challenges this past year to make their dream day come true and all the while showing agape love for not only for one another ~ but showing this every step of the way to family, friends and bystanders alike. Through every step they have exuded compassion ~ exemplifying the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, giving, sweet kindness, and of course, love. As we all know ~ LOVE knows NO boundaries.

Thomas and Melissa are an educated example for us ALL!
Please take notes people!

The tfep&d team and I are thrilled to produce the glamorous, romantic and elegant day for them this weekend. I cannot wait to see their reactions!

~ Warmest wishes and bonjour ~


All images captured by Cindi Kinney & Lorenzo Bartone ~

Cinzo Celebration Photography