Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Capella Telluride - Conde' Nast's Hot Hotels

Hello and welcome to spring 2009 Dahlinks!
I wanted to share a snippet from our friend PollyAnna Snyder of Telluride.
If you are looking for a place to book an event or simply get away from all that you know for a brief moment in time ~ this is the place to be! Everyone is flocking there. Spring or Winter!

Follow the links she sent us to see the Today Show video on Conde' Nast's Hot Hotels - video is labeled as "This Year's Hot Travel Spots":

Festival season is almost upon us and is just around the corner.

Call or e-mail PollyAnna to book your Discovery Adventure. Capella Telluride awaits your visit! For more information please call 970.369.8992, or visit their fab website at http://www.capellatellurideresidences.com/

For more information contact directly:
PollyAnna Snyder

Real Estate Services

568 Mountain Village Boulevard

Tellurdie, Colorado 81435T 970.901.2463


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Bride's Brunch ~ Decorating For Less with David Monn

~ A Bride's Brunch ~ Decorating For Less with David Monn ~

Again, our fabulous Bridal Brunch Soiree is still happening ~ we are almost out of my Mom's homemade marmalade for the croissant's!

I have to admit ~ quite gleefully and with joy ~ that today's segment on Martha Stewart's Premier Wedding Special ~ that the Tres Fabu Event Planning and Design staff and our premier Floral Designer, Shelley McArdle, of Floral Artistry, have been way ahead of track. I'm so excited and proud! Do forgive me! Even today's brunch is utilizing this floral concept as our main centerpiece.

We have already done two weddings completely using and implementing the baby's breath concept! I am so jazzed we were tapped into "Decorating for Less" ~ six to eight months ago. This has been one of our largest and main emphasis' this year ~ baby's breath when designed in a large mass is simply, forgive me, 'breathtaking'!

One of our weddings that will be featured this year in a national wedding publication ~ she married last June ~ we explained how beautiful it would be. But alas, the bride did go in another direction as far as her final floral choices. However, my point is, that Shelley and myself pitched this design concept to her in September of 2007 and she married in June of 2008. Again, we were on target as far as conceptualization is considered!!! Go tfep&d team - Go!

We also had an amazing and gorgeous bridal booth at the Arden Hills Country Club Premier Wedding Show this last January and Shelley and myself bedecked the tfep&d booth completely out in baby's breath coupled with white orchids, complimented with vintage gold and cream fabrics. Again Beautiful! It is such a fabulous way to decorate with florals and yet make your budget stretch just a bit more. Baby's Breath add's so much softness and romance to any event.

The images attached can be found on David Monn's blog. www.davidmonn.com. I have been a follower and admirer of his for about five years ~ he is amazing!

Bonjour and now back to my brides and guests!


A Bride's Brunch & The Martha Stewart Spring Wedding Premier Special

A Bride's Brunch & The Martha Stewart Spring Wedding Premier Special

Tres Fabu Event Planning and Design invited about 20 Brides, their Maid of Honors to our event studio space today to enjoy the premier wedding show on Martha Stewart Weddings. Blueberry brioche, croissants and Vuvee Mimosa's have been served to enhance our palate and enjoy today's exciting show!

The lovely and ever evolving Ms. Vera Wang was a guest on the Martha Stewart Wedding Special today. Amazing and fresh designs for our upcoming Spring/Summer wedding season.

She has taken the expected, yet traditional ballgown and has reconstructed it completely. Taking away the heavy satin's and replacing it with soft, billowy layers of fabrics that will flow more easily with the movement of the bride. Completely refreshing!

Be sure to check out www.verawang.com for more of her new bridal fashions, coupled with her romanticly inclined jewelry to compliment her line of custom designed plush wedding gowns; along with her line of parfumes to enhance your very own wedding day. Be sure to check out her new "Bouquet" fragance as well. It just had launch party on the east coast and received tremendously rave reviews. We have a handful of brides whom have chosen to wear Vera Wang's new fragrance on their special day this year.

For more details regarding today's fabulous showing ~ please visit: www.marthastewart.com

Now back to my beautiful brides!

Bonjour and enjoy,


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chantilly Classic Cameo meets 'Rock ~n~ Rohlla' Lounge

Chantilly Classic Cameo meets 'Rock ~n~ Rohlla' Lounge

What does Chantilly pink, black, white, striped ribbons and vintage creamy Cameo's ALL have in common? Our very fabu bride, Miss Ashleigh!

Our fabulous bride comes to us from the breezy islands of Hawaii and will be marrying here in NorCal in July. Do not worry ~ we will be implementing some great ideas from Kris, her wonderful fiance into the mixx as well.

Once the sun sets ~ we will be creating an ultra 'Kris Kool' ~ Ed Hardy tattoo inspired lounge for the boyz ~n~ girlz at the wedding to rock the house too! This wedding will start off classic in design and end in a 'rock & rohlla' edge.

Fashionable nightlife arrives at their reception celebration with the official 'Kris & Ash Nightclub'.

With rock-n-roll and glam-inspired fashion at its core, we will be blending the world of design and nightlife into a room accentuated with original over sized tattoo artwork, custom lighting overlooking the dance floor and an unrivaled outdoor deck. Extreme Productions Entertainment, LLC., will be getting Kris & Ash's guests to take it to the next level to an eclectic mix of music from rock to progressive house.

Kris and Ash' guests will be dazzled by our Bride & Groom's very own tattoo artwork: sparrows, flames, water elements, red hot roses, Ash's adoration for the eccentric & fun Betsy Johnson, coupled with strings of gleaming crystals! All of this and more, will be accenuating the reception inside; and all this fabulous custom design lighting will enhance our chic outside patio element as well, as everyone enjoys the evening on a few stragetically placed plush chaise lounge chairs and cushy sofa's offering their wedding guests a front row view of the hottest views of Northern California.

Sit back, enjoy your favorite adult beverage and a rolled cuban cigar, grab your hot date ~ for this will be a night to remember for one and all!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to Tres Fabu, Part Deux!

Welcome to Tres Fabu!
Spring greetings dahlinks!
The Design Team at TFEP&D are incredibly honored and excited to announce a few more clients that have chosen our firm to assist them with their event visions that will be taking place within the next year and off the hook baby shower in the next few months!
~ Alicia & Jim ~
San Francisco, California
Wedding Celebration Location: Private Estate in Sonoma~ 2010

~ Jessica & Jonathan ~
Orlando, Florida
Wedding Celebration Location: Private Estate in Napa Valley ~ 2010

~ Kim & Al ~
El Dorado Hills, California
Baby Shower Extravaganza: to be announced
Welcome aboard and we look forward to making your dreams nothing short of fun and fabulous!
Warmest wishes and a collective bonjour!
Debra, Kaitlin G., Amanda, Caitlin F., and Sir Isaac
and a long list of Northern California's finest event professionals ready to be of service!