Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Putting on the Ritz" ~ Holly & Kevin's Ritz Carlton ~ Half Moon Bay Wedding Event

Enjoy Holly & Kevin's wedding snippet provided by the fabulous Thomas Hughes Films. We had a wonderful time with our couple and their families in assisting them fulfill their vision and wish list for their incredibly romantic and classic dream day at The Ritz.

Click on the blog title above to view the eleven minute video highlight!

Location: Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay Photographer: Jay Kelly Photography; Florals: Asiel Flower Design; Video: Thomas Hughes Films; Lighting: Got Light?; Event Design, Planning and Production: Tres Fabu Event Design and Production; Band: Hip Service; Wedding Paperie: By Invitation Only.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~ A Sunday Soiree at Winchester Country Club ~

Sunday ~ the fourteenth of March ~ Twenty~ten
One o'clock in the afternoon till' six o'clock in the evening

Take a lovely and relaxing drive through the scenic interstate to a hidden treasure within the rolling foothills of Northern California to a jewel known as Meadow Vista to behold the majestic views of the magnificent Winchester Country Club.

Meet and greet with some of the area's most reputable event professionals as you plan your wedding celebration or special event. Wedding Gowns ~ Hair Designers ~ Cosmetic Artists ~ Master of Ceremonies ~ Floral Design ~ Disc Jockey ~ Custom Lighting Designers ~ Luxurious Custom Linens ~ Photography Specialists ~ Film Makers ~ Specialty Wedding Cakes and oh so much more! A nominal fee of ten dollars per person.

So please stop by, partake of a sparkling glass of bubbly in a crystal stem and be sure to ask for Darcie Carrier, your soiree hostess! It will be an afternoon that you will soon not forget!

Do join us ~ won't you?

"To plan and organize anything that will be lovely and memorable ~ the essence of personal time and thought must be vested." - moi ~ aka ~ Debra Michelle Hiebèrt

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nod of Gratitude from Byron & Dennis ~ Southern Gent Guests whom attended Tres Fabu's "Italianate Palazzo" Wedding Event

What a wonderful note to find in our post from two fabulous Southern gentlemen I remember talking with in length and in great discussion at Stephanie & Justin's evening wedding; and once again the following morning when I ran into them again in the hotel lobby when our entire crew of over 30 members were breaking everything down and taking away all the remaining fabulous details!

Truly charming gentlemen indeed. Two men whom I will never forget!


Hi Debra ~

My partner and I have attended many weddings around the world in our 41 years together.

However, we wanted to tell you that none have been as elegant, sophisticated, and "real" in theme, as what you all did for this particular wedding.

The unique use of olive branches on the "Church Chairs", magnolia garlands down both sides of the walkway, the fabulous soft lighting with the elegant candles, and the special effects of the professional lighting in the "Church Setting" creating the appearance of church windows, and in the "Italianate Palazzo" dining setting with the wonderful hanging strung lights, and the projected leaves on the walls, were spectacular.

You and your support staff are truly professionals. We wish we were young again, we would have you do us a wedding just like theirs, except it would be a "Southern theme" with lots of pastel gowns and big hats like they wear down south. We are sure that Stephanie and Justin loved every touch, we could see it in their smiles. We know the mother of the bride loved it because she said so.

Our best to you.

Mr. Byron Roberts and Mr. Dennis Merrill


Again, tfep&d strives for these types of reviews long after the wedding event has taken place! We want the feeling and experience of our client's events to resonate within their invited guests hearts, souls and memories forevermore.

And as I did share with Sir Byron & Sir Dennis ~ we of course can create that Southern Charmed renewal of their vows, coupled with mint julep cups indeed I dare say!!!!

Click on the title link of this blog posting above to view their one-minute video snippet!! Enjoy!