Friday, November 14, 2008

~ Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! ~

Belle's Christmas Spot!

Winter Christmas at North Shore
for Congregation Clients

Corporate Client's Holiday Extravaganza

Corporate Client's Holiday Extravaganza

A Bachelor's Private Condo for Christmas

Private Residence for Christmas

Private Residence for Christmas

Bienvenue and Ho, Ho, Ho Everyone!

It's ALMOST that time of year again ~ and our phones have been ringing off the hook to come back and "Deck the Halls" for the Holidays! Ho! Ho! Ho!

If you have not arranged for us to return ~ do so now ~ for our schedule is getting tight starting next week through the second week of December! A few peeks above of work we have done in the past!

A few thoughts on our Holiday Decor Process:

To add consistency throughout your home with your holiday decor ~ I suggest repeating colors, themes, and decorating elements you adore. If your choice is "red beaded fruit" for example, then use it on your front door wreath, on your stairway garland, on your Christmas tree, and in your centerpiece, and let's not forget the treasured fireplace mantle! I can hear the crackling fire now!

Use this principle of repetition for a color scheme, choice of ribbons, patterns, ornaments, and motifs. Repetition also means that you'll need to make, or purchase, enough of something to really make a statement. Collect elements over the years or make a commitment to buy 10 bolts of the "perfect" ribbons to get the look you want. Proportion - vary the size of the elements used in holiday decor. For example, decorate your tree with a mix of small, medium, and larger ornaments. Or, pair garlands in varying widths for more interest, or even mix light sizes on the tree. Use holiday nosegays to make a statement. One of my personal favorites! If you have not started a collection ~ we can guide you by a series of questions and a personal tour of your home to understand your individual flair, style and grace.

~ The Designers Choice! ~
Let our designers create a special piece that stuns your home with awe and sends an unequivocal message of panache and flair. You select the price and we select from the best of the season to build the most beautiful arrangement or holiday accent piece. We stand ready to assist you with your holiday vision for your home!

Call us or e-mail us today!

God's Blessings to all and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukah and Happy New Years!

Warmest wishes for a grand, joyous and lovely Holiday Season!


Debra and the 'Tres Fabu' Design Team ~ Kaitlin G., Caitlin F., Amanda, Isaac, Shelley, Helen, Wendy, Rebecca, Robert, Antonia, Pedro and James!


Daffernia said...

Gorgeous…. I got lot's of home decorating ideas through your post. Have done my shopping through Domestications for holiday home decorative accents.

Debra Michelle Hiebert said...

Merry Christmas Daffernia ~

I am so glad that you found inspiration through our blog! We love anything and everything that involves design. We try to always bring out the clients personality and palatte each time we enter their homes.

Enjoy this most festive season!

Debra and the TFEP&D Team