Monday, July 27, 2009

Floating with White Swans

Lauren & David, our fabulous June 27th Bride and Groom, taking a quick spin around the private pond with the baby swans after their wedding ceremony. All their guests waited with anticipation for them to make their grand entrance into their tented soiree . . . . . . and dry I might ad! Everyone could see them floating around with the swans from the tent. It was a sight to behold. And they wanted to do this before the ceremony! Could you even imagine that? I don't think so!
Thank you to Cindi Kinney and Lorenzo Bartone of CinZo Celebration Photography for sharing
with us. The image is lovely and oh so romantic!
Warmest wishes and bonjour!


Celebrations! said...

What a beautiful shot of the bride and groom!!

Susan said...

That is so dreamy!