Thursday, September 10, 2009

Melissa & Thomas ~ True Companions

Melissa & Thomas'
Engagement Session

We are excited and enthused about their upcoming wedding event this weekend! It has been a complete pleasure to assist them on their personal road to happiness to become
Mr. & Mrs. CEO.
(wink, wink Thomas!)

They have had many challenges this past year to make their dream day come true and all the while showing agape love for not only for one another ~ but showing this every step of the way to family, friends and bystanders alike. Through every step they have exuded compassion ~ exemplifying the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, giving, sweet kindness, and of course, love. As we all know ~ LOVE knows NO boundaries.

Thomas and Melissa are an educated example for us ALL!
Please take notes people!

The tfep&d team and I are thrilled to produce the glamorous, romantic and elegant day for them this weekend. I cannot wait to see their reactions!

~ Warmest wishes and bonjour ~


All images captured by Cindi Kinney & Lorenzo Bartone ~

Cinzo Celebration Photography