Friday, November 6, 2009

Vera Wang - Gown Gallery Collection 2010

Kaitlin and moi are off to San Francisco today to meet two of our brides while they try on dresses at the Vera Wang Trunk Show today ~ before the fashion show tomorrow. One of our brides, Alicia, is very lucky for they shipped a few dresses specific to her to try on special today! We are thrilled and excited for them both!

Photographs to follow!!! Please enjoy Vera Wang's link to see all the eye candy!

Vera Wang - Gown Gallery - Gown Collection

Vera Wang's Gown Gallery

At Vera Wang, we understand that your wedding gown represents more than just a dress. It is the ultimate expression of “you” during a timeless moment in your life. This gown gallery is designed to give you both inspiration and information. You can sort our wedding dresses by collection, by silhouette, by price range and by our Top 10 best sellers.

We encourage you to make an appointment to view our wedding dresses in person and gain personalized advice from our experienced wedding consultants. Our mission at Vera Wang is to help you find a wedding dress that truly transcends.