Tuesday, August 19, 2008

~ Sonia & Randy ~ Their Ceremony

I absolutely love it when couples decide to hold their wedding ceremony at The Blessed Sacrament in downtown Sacramento. The Catholic Cathedral is amazing and one of the oldest in the Northern California community.

Coupled with its bountiful and impressive old world style of art work, from many gifted artisans who were commissioned for their rare talents from across the globe, when the historical remodel undertaking took place a few years ago; it is a magnificent place of worship and a lovely setting for a Catholic wedding ceremony.

Each time I enter a sense of 'ahhhh' becomes me and my soul. Not only am I overwhelmed with it's grandeur and grace and I also am reminded of how much reverence I have for the churches that I do enter on a weekly basis.

Here are a few images from Sonia & Randy's Wedding Ceremony ~ before ~ during and after. It is a place of worship; it is romantic; incredibly mystical; true inspiration founded through two souls committing their lives together with the ever presence of Jesus Christ Lord.