Tuesday, August 19, 2008

~ Sonia & Randy ~

~ Sonia & Randy ~

A colorful day!

Wow! What amazing images from Beth Baugher of True Love Photography ~ capturing the sights (of course!) and the wonderful vibe of downtown Sacramento with our fabulous and fun couple Sonia and Randy Byard!

What an amazing year and half planning this wedding with our bride Sonia, her lovely mother, Martha (who was gone several months at a time in Afghanistan and Iraq) and our financial whiz in all this, her brilliant father, Antonio. One of the lovliest and down-to-earth families we have ever encountered. This wedding was about the union of two families becoming one ~ and their devotion to Sonia & Randy was apparent every step of the way.

It was an elegantly understated affair held at the Sheraton Grand in downtown Sacramento. Beth Baugher took full advantage of some amazing art displays in and around the greater downtown area ~ all the while creating more sparks between them and capturing more of Sonia & Randy's colorful and outgoing personalities on film forever!