Friday, January 30, 2009

Le Wedding Gown

Once upon a time there was a very sweet and oh so lovely wedding gown. . . . .

~ Le Wedding Gown ~ Melissa Sweet ~

Alas, our Tres Fabu Bride thought that this was "Le Wedding Gown" for her dream day!

Unfortunately, she bought it quite early before her actual wedding day, and found yet another gown that fit her vision, and fell more in love with the second gown than the first!

So alas, this story (um, or Gown), still has no happy ending! This Melissa Sweet gown was never worn and has not had the privilege of making it down the ceremony aisle.

The Tres Fabu Bride is selling this dress to anyone that is interested. It is a size 6 and is designed by the ever talented and romantic Melissa Sweet. It was purchased at retail for $8,000.00; and our Tres Fabu Bride will sell it now for $5,000.00 or should a better offer arise.

Please e-mail Tres Fabu Event Planning and Design should you be interested in the Melissa Sweet wedding gown! Contact us today!

And the future Bride and Melissa Sweet Gown lived Happily Ever After!

Warmest wishes and bonjour!



Kim Gail said...

What a gorgeous wedding gown.!! Just looking for a way to finance the purchase.

Debra Michelle Hiebert said...

Winter greetings Kim ~

If you have an offer for my bride, let me know for I can forward it on to her to make the final decision. She is reviewing all offers! I was really surprised she did not choose this gown ~ but both of them were equally lovely. It is amazing in person.

Best wishes and enjoy your own special day too!

Debra and the entire team at tfep&d.