Thursday, January 1, 2009

~ Welcome January! Welcome 2009! Happy New Year! ~

.....And now let us welcome the New Year ~ full of things that have never been.
-Ranier Maria Rilke

January, the month of new beginnings and cherished memories, beckons. Come! Let winter weave her wondrous spell, cold, crisp, woolen-muffler days, long dark evenings of savory suppers, lively conversations, or solitary joys. Outside the temperature drops as the snow falls softly. All of nature is at peace. We should be, too. Draw hearthside. This is the month to dream, to look forward to the year ahead and the journey within.

Happy New Years to all of our fabulous clients; sweet friends and family ~ Wishing you all a year full of harmony; hopes fulfilled; blessings in abundance; laughter shared; and dreams realized.

I absolutely love and adore the month of January! It beckons the promises and dreams of everything anew and improved with each New Year. It's a month containing hope; promise and unlimited amounts of Joy! It's a month where one can assess the old year and make oneself; and your surroundings improved from the footprint before. It is true we are all like a fine wine; we all age better with time! Reflect on the year that 2008 was and realize what 2009 can only be! Bigger, better, more fabulous and definitely more fun.

Warmest wishes everyone and our hearts are full of gratitude for your business support and allowing us to assist in creating magical and memorable moments for all to share in your own personal moments of joy!

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