Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fashion Glam meets Vintage Rock! Platinum Wedding Style!

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All wedding event photography images by
Dustin & Sarah Maren
A Note of Gratitude from our July 25th Bride, Ashleigh!

Miss Debra,

There are no words that can express the thankfulness that Kris and I hold in our hearts for your creation of our dream wedding. We've waited our entire lives for this magical day to come, and now that it has passed, we feel that our expectations were far!!!!

You are so kind, and such a beautiful person inside and out. Your hard work and dedication to our event showed, and your respect for our wishes was so easily seen and we can't thank you enough. You took any worries I had and made them go away. Your staff was utmost delightful, and amazing. Your artistic ability is fabulous, and you were able to make my vision a reality, and make it even better than I could've ever imagined. I thank you so much for all the surprises you and mom came up with, and I'm so glad I didn't ruin them... I truly did feel like a rock-star princess on July 25th, and that feeling will always be in my heart when I think of my special day. I was driving with Kris today in the car, and our last song of the evening came on, Angel by Aerosmith, and I got a little misty eyed and was instantly filled with tears of joy....and I will always think of my wedding day when I hear this song, how amazing it was and I will always think of the angel God has sent to me, and that is you!

I wish you the utmost success, happiness and joy because that is what you have given to us.... and you deserve it. I love you so much!

Love always,Your biggest fan, dear friend, and thankful bride,

Mrs. Ashleigh Yates

ps... can't wait to see the show! :)
We are honored and thrilled that WE Television Network and the Platinum Wedding production crew followed us for four days while we finalized the design and put the finishing touches on Kristopher & Ashleigh's big day. A huge THANK YOU to 'WE' Television Network and 'Platinum Weddings' production crew as well as our wonderful and over the top vendors: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
  • Extreme Productions Entertainment. LLC. ~ Custom Lighting everywhere ~ taking inspiration from their fave designers, a little bit of Vegas, and incorporating our clients very own tattoo art work into the custom lighting patterns, turned the Serrano back deck into one incredibly hot and vibey lounge area! And let's not forget nor overlook the incredible Fab Fireworks Extravaganza that kicked it to the top! A true explosion of color synced to vintage rock! Our clients and guests were screaming their heads off!!! Matt Brys & Team completely took this event to a progressive and vintage rock da' house level!! Kudo's to the extreme fireworks team down in the bunker and thank you EDH Fire Department, you guys are HOT! HOT! HOT! Thanks for standing by Mr. EDH Firemen! Did Larry say: Fire in the hole?!?!?
  • Floral Artistry ~ Amazing fashion floral creations that rocked the Serrano House! Pink Platinum Palace! Shelley McArdle ~ pure perfection! Breathtaking! Betsy Johnson meets vintage Chanel.
  • Serrano Country Club ~ for allowing myself, my ladies and the tfep&d production team to transform your golf club and turn it literally upside down in 24 hours; and the plated dual entree Chef created was unbelievable. Last, but definitely not least, the generous and organized Jennifer Galisatus, you are such a gem and a complete blast to brainstorm with and work side-by-side as an event team! Nothing got by you! You even have bin buckets!!! ;) "wink, wink!"
  • Karen's Bakery ~ Wow! Two wedding cakes for this event! One a little bit rock and roll, considering our clients personal tattoo artistry, and the main wedding cake, a 'Chantilly Lace and Pink' fondant cake encased in pearls, with a touch of the designer Chanel coming in through the ribbon treatment. Everyone loved the cakes! Thanks for stretching your artistic abilities Karen and Amanda! You definitely delivered the baked goods! ;)
  • Party Concierge ~ Lawrence ~ hot pink glitter in ice? I had no idea! Thank you for the screams of delights when your ice sculpture arrived! Perfect for Pink Cosmo's! You guys are the bomb in ice!
  • Mark ~ our truly fabulous head of the Serrano Valet Service. Thank you for taking care of all our precious guests, my fantabulous lovely ladies Kaitlin & Amanda, and of course me! ;)
To all of the above, I am so thrilled and excited to see all your smiling 'Cameo's' as well as mine, on our collaboration for "WE" Television's, Platinum Weddings! Everyone worked so hard and diligently to pull this extravagant event together.....I am blessed to have you to work along side with as we design and produce, but even more blessed to call you my event family.

Warmest wishes and a collective heartfelt bonjour,



Lien said...

Just happened upon your blog. Good stuff :-)

I look forward to seeing this wedding on TV.