Friday, September 18, 2009

Fabulous Forties Revamped

A dash of the classic forties; a nod to old Hollywood; black & white vintage flair and a whole lot of gastronomical delights paired with vintage wines from around the globe (we delivered forty cases of the chosen bubbly & vino yesterday) will be the showcase for this weekend’s wedding at The Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento. This will be our eighth time on their property ~ with two more to go. Each event has been significantly unique to our clients.

Michal's and Chris' black tie event will be updated with clean lines and classic beauty coming from simple callas (straight in from Holland ~ thank you Shelley of Floral Artistry) all in white showcased in warm amber candlelight and up-lighting. They happen to both be bright architects with a passion for building a better community for us all. Michal hails from Cal-Poly and Chris from the mighty Cal-Berkley. Go Bears! Each of their tables will be named after famous architects and Michal selected a china reminiscent of the Empire State Building in New York. It's all coming together!

We all had a ball recreating some of my favorite images for the bygone era of the glamorous days of vintage Hollywood. All of these images above will be highlighted throughout their two-hour cocktail event paired with magnificent wines to each of their carefully selected hors d'oeuvres. Chef Tuohy and Chef MJ are outdoing themselves for tomorrow's Epicurean feast of delights! Chef MJ shared with me yesterday that we have a small staff of chefs working on our wedding from CAI ~ New York! We will definately have them sign one of the Imperial bottles of Iron Horse engraved with our clients new Mr. & Mrs. title! ;)

I want to thank the fabulous Harmony Lines of The Citizen Hotel; my beautification team, make-up by Leilani and hairstyling by Gabby, (; Sacramento Theatre Company for our props; Amanda my magnificent assistant for putting in a long day with me, along with four of our other very fab brides that had their beautification consultations done all on this day, and Thais Sheidman, the Brazilian love train, of Love at First Click Photo ( for capturing our four-hour long engagement session in and around the brat pack hotel.


Warmest wishes and CHEERS!



Mama Mia! said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i LOVE it! I have to give you a before picture to see the transformation! These turned out amazingly! Brilliant! Thanks for the shout out my lovely! What a privilege it's been to work with you and be a part of your dream team! Love!

Julio said...

Great job Tres Fabu! I love the photos. Oh and I love your new blog banner. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.