Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Gift of Words

Christmas Greetings!

This is the time of year when one exchanges gifts with their loved ones. Whether it be your new fiance or a gift to be presented to your husband, wife, family member or dear friend. Truly, it is the meaning and thought behind the gift you choose to bless someone with. Instead of shopping for and purchasing a gift ~ try something unique and different.

There is nothing more powerful in my humble opinion, than pen to paper.

Think of how special this person is in your life; what they personally mean to you; how they enhance your life; enrich it; what they bring to your life to balance it or give it more meaning. Write how you feel in either a letter or a poem, perhaps a song. Use your own handwriting on a lovely piece of paper; hire a calligrapher to make your words a piece of art; or design your words in a design program and print it as a gift. All of the above would make for a fabulous gift.....either the paper itself; or in a scrapbook (for future additions throughout the years) or have it professionally matted and framed. Very fabulous!

This is truly an intimate gift from the heart and one that will be treasured throughout your years together as a family.

Warmest wishes this Christmas season and a very joyous New Year!

~ Au Revoir ~

Debra and The Tres Fabu Team


Julio said...

Happy Holidays Debra!

I love love your holiday decorations. The blog header is "Tres Fabu". You are great inspiration. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and a happy and prosperous 2010.