Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wedding Note of Gratitude

A few images of Stephanie & Justin's Courtyard Wedding Celebration! Stephanie wrote us a quick note of gratitude today ~ we thought we would share her thoughts so soon after her wedding which was on Saturday ~ December 19th ~ 2009 ~ The Sheraton Grand ~ Downtown ~ Sacramento.


I can't even organize my thoughts enough even now a few days after THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

Everyone on both sides of our families are inundating us with messages not only about amazingly gorgeous the wedding was, but how truly happy and magical we both looked, and this is because of you and your dream team.

After the holidays... and your next masterpiece wedding... I want to get all these thoughts running around in my head on paper and give them to you because at night I wake up and want to tell everyone how much I love them and appreciate them and it makes me cry in happiness because I truly do not remember feeling so happy in my life as felt on the night of my wedding.

Anyway, please let me know the best address for you and also I have to tell you...... thank goodness for Facebook because now I know I can always be your friend :)

Thanks again for everything, and talk to you soon I hope,

Your happiest bride ever, (seriously)

Stephanie Castillo

MERRY Christmas!!!

All imagery above captured by Cindi Kinney & Lorenzo Bartone of CinZo Celebration Photography ~ www.CinZoPhoto.com.

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