Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Bride's Brunch ~ Decorating For Less with David Monn

~ A Bride's Brunch ~ Decorating For Less with David Monn ~

Again, our fabulous Bridal Brunch Soiree is still happening ~ we are almost out of my Mom's homemade marmalade for the croissant's!

I have to admit ~ quite gleefully and with joy ~ that today's segment on Martha Stewart's Premier Wedding Special ~ that the Tres Fabu Event Planning and Design staff and our premier Floral Designer, Shelley McArdle, of Floral Artistry, have been way ahead of track. I'm so excited and proud! Do forgive me! Even today's brunch is utilizing this floral concept as our main centerpiece.

We have already done two weddings completely using and implementing the baby's breath concept! I am so jazzed we were tapped into "Decorating for Less" ~ six to eight months ago. This has been one of our largest and main emphasis' this year ~ baby's breath when designed in a large mass is simply, forgive me, 'breathtaking'!

One of our weddings that will be featured this year in a national wedding publication ~ she married last June ~ we explained how beautiful it would be. But alas, the bride did go in another direction as far as her final floral choices. However, my point is, that Shelley and myself pitched this design concept to her in September of 2007 and she married in June of 2008. Again, we were on target as far as conceptualization is considered!!! Go tfep&d team - Go!

We also had an amazing and gorgeous bridal booth at the Arden Hills Country Club Premier Wedding Show this last January and Shelley and myself bedecked the tfep&d booth completely out in baby's breath coupled with white orchids, complimented with vintage gold and cream fabrics. Again Beautiful! It is such a fabulous way to decorate with florals and yet make your budget stretch just a bit more. Baby's Breath add's so much softness and romance to any event.

The images attached can be found on David Monn's blog. I have been a follower and admirer of his for about five years ~ he is amazing!

Bonjour and now back to my brides and guests!



Julio said...


I love your website so I knew your blog wasn't going to disappoint. I think you are the most stylish event designer in and around Sacramento...and hey, you're a fan of Preston Bailey who is one of my favorite floral and event designers. Looking forward to more inspiring posts from you.

Debra Michelle Hiebert said...

Spring greetings Julio ~

Thank you for your kind words. We have not met ~ this should be corrected soon over some fabulous champagne or deelish french pressed coffee. I just perused your wonderful site and blog as well ~ I'm amazed our paths have not crossed.

Forever a fan of Preston. Of so many in fact. Inspiration is found in almost everyone and everywhere.

Again thank you.

Warmest wishes and bonjour,