Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome to Tres Fabu, Part Deux!

Welcome to Tres Fabu!
Spring greetings dahlinks!
The Design Team at TFEP&D are incredibly honored and excited to announce a few more clients that have chosen our firm to assist them with their event visions that will be taking place within the next year and off the hook baby shower in the next few months!
~ Alicia & Jim ~
San Francisco, California
Wedding Celebration Location: Private Estate in Sonoma~ 2010

~ Jessica & Jonathan ~
Orlando, Florida
Wedding Celebration Location: Private Estate in Napa Valley ~ 2010

~ Kim & Al ~
El Dorado Hills, California
Baby Shower Extravaganza: to be announced
Welcome aboard and we look forward to making your dreams nothing short of fun and fabulous!
Warmest wishes and a collective bonjour!
Debra, Kaitlin G., Amanda, Caitlin F., and Sir Isaac
and a long list of Northern California's finest event professionals ready to be of service!