Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Capella Telluride - Conde' Nast's Hot Hotels

Hello and welcome to spring 2009 Dahlinks!
I wanted to share a snippet from our friend PollyAnna Snyder of Telluride.
If you are looking for a place to book an event or simply get away from all that you know for a brief moment in time ~ this is the place to be! Everyone is flocking there. Spring or Winter!

Follow the links she sent us to see the Today Show video on Conde' Nast's Hot Hotels - video is labeled as "This Year's Hot Travel Spots":

Festival season is almost upon us and is just around the corner.

Call or e-mail PollyAnna to book your Discovery Adventure. Capella Telluride awaits your visit! For more information please call 970.369.8992, or visit their fab website at http://www.capellatellurideresidences.com/

For more information contact directly:
PollyAnna Snyder

Real Estate Services

568 Mountain Village Boulevard

Tellurdie, Colorado 81435T 970.901.2463